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Are you seeking new ways to grow personally and professionally? The #DrWilsonSpeaks podcast is a must listen! Join Dr. Wilson to discuss, highlight, and share information about family, education, career, and entrepreneurship. Each episode will provide space for individuals to share their life experiences and be “unapologetically ambitious” about their personal and professional goals and growth.

Jul 27, 2022

Sometimes we feel inferior to those around us and those that we see because we perceive that we do not have what they have, or we are not where they are. However, you are not inferior to anyone. Your journey is different. Continue to work hard and keep moving forward.  The race is not given to the person who...

Jul 13, 2022

Often employees are in conflict with themselves over how much control they allow an organization to have over them. This episode addresses those limits and provides insight into how employees should mutually benefit from the employee-employer relationship. Organizations should not be threatened by employees independent.